We will all become artists

Our products would be so many mirrors in which we saw reflected our essential nature. (Marx 1844)

Parts of today’s network-based creative economy are characterized by the humanistic values some people claim Marx was looking for when he formulated the theory of alienation. In Empire Hardt and Negri (2009) argue e.g. that the new economy of affective labor and networked relations actually can be seen as a form of communism.  This stateless network economy operates in a relational space where the consumer also is the producer, and self-fulfillment, as much as the financial gain, is the goal. In an ongoing interdisciplinary art- and research project, we explore this idea, by the means of a materialization of the details and the esthetics in this potential system. In this materialization we incorporate contemporary phenomena as social networks, crowd funding and trading online, in a possible merge between the private and the public sector.

affectmachinetekniska4 affectmachinetekniska3
Video screened at the Digital Labor conference New School New York 2014.

affectmachinetekniska2 affectmachinetekniska
The Affect Machine at the National Museum of Science and Technology. Photo by Åsa Andersson Broms (2014)

On this website we gather ideas and objects that have resulted from this exploration (or ideas that we will explore), as fragments from a possible future system. Please use these with care and tell us what you think! We are a network of artists and researchers, always looking for new partners that want to develop these ideas further: info@affectmachine.org


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