The micro financing of artists offers new possibilities for people other than the economic and cultural elite to become patrons of the arts. One might term it a more democratic base for the artistic activity and its varied discursive practices. However, it is not just the economy of art that focuses on special people. Promoting a personal brand in the form of taste, education and social relations is also central to every career in an insecure and flexible labor market, not only in the creative sector. Accordingly, crowd funding of humanity, rather than of production of commodities, is a possible and reasonable scenario for a future social system, where people are deeply interconnected in collaborative networks.

In order to examine what such a system might look like in practice, we have in the project “The Affect Machine” formulated a market place for social relations. Here we show how the principles for a capitalist institution like a limited company can be combined with those of a digital social network, and thus point to a form of merge between the private and public sector. In this scenario for a future social system, we may approach something resembling Marx’s vision of a communist society.

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